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Private therapeutic recreation services

Private sessions use recreation and play to accomplish individual goals. Therapeutic Recreation can help your child to develop in the following areas:

  • Physical Skills including:

    • Speech and communication

    • Strength and mobility

    • Fine and gross motor skills

    • Sensory integration 

    • Spatial awareness

    • Balance and coordination

    • Adaptive sports and recreation activities

  • Social skills

    • Communication skills​

    • Making and keeping friends

    • Meeting peers with commonalities

    • Building confidence with individualities

  • Cognitive Skills

    • Attention and concentration

    • Memory and problem solving

    • Task sequencing

    • Real life experiences

    • Reading and writing

  • Emotional Skills

    • Self regulation

    • Expressive art and music

    • Grief and Loss

    • Building confidence and self esteem

    • Finding an effective outlet to express emotions 

  • Spiritual Skills

    • Finding what brings joy​

    • Developing a spiritual awareness

    • Mindfulness and meditation

    • Resources 

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